This is AQW8.

Water-based resistance training to build strength, increase fitness or support injury rehabilitation.

Best Kettlebell Weight for Outdoor Fitness
Pool Fitness

Refresh your summer workout.

Inspired by the warm Australian summer workout, AQW8 can be used in or out of the water to mix up your fitness or rehabilitation program and help you achieve the best results. 

The AQW8 difference.

No need to buy multiple kettlebell weights, as the weight and resistance levels of AQW8 are easily adjustable.

Fill it with water, use it underwater, or do a mix of both - AQW8 is your new best M8 when it comes to outdoor fitness and reaching your training goals.

Pool Fitness

Work it underwater.

By adding or removing water, you can adjust the level of resistance for the ultimate low impact workout. Simply add more water for less resistance, or keep it empty for a harder workout.

Best Kettlebell Weight

No pool? No sweat!

Forget the drag of moving heavy dumbbells or kettlebells. AQW8 can also be used out of the pool with absolute control over the weight level.

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