A bit about us…

You know that feeling when it's a beautifully warm summer’s morning and all you want to do is head to the gym and lift weights with sweaty strangers?

No? Good. Neither do we.

Being lovers of the outdoors, we’re a fan of a good swim. However, the repetitiveness of cutting laps in the pool was never really our jam. Although dragging heavy kettlebells and dumbbells around, or pounding pavement didn’t seem to get us going either.

Fed up with not being able to find a pool-friendly training option that was low impact yet high resistance, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Enter AQW8.

We partnered with an engineer and worked on developing a simple, yet functionally clever product design. We needed to make sure it was versatile enough to work all muscle groups at varying weight levels. We needed it to be durable so it could be used every day but also withstand chlorinated and salt water. We needed it to be lightweight, adjustable and easy to use, to suit any workout, anywhere.

The solution was simple. We found that by using water as the resistance both in the pool and out, we could create a unique way of working out that would suit any fitness level or exercise goal, without the pain of heavy weights or getting bored of the same old routine. Not to mention being able to jump in a refreshing pool to soak up some sunshine and fresh air while you’re at it. Does it get any better?

Click here to see AQW8 in action.


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