AQW8 Water-Filled Weight


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Aquatic Equipment
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The ideal workout that you can take anywhere. 

Designed in Australia.

Forget heavy equipment like kettlebells or dumbbells, or even your old foam water weights. AQW8 is changing the game when it comes to resistance and weight training. 

It's low impact, fully adjustable and suitable for all fitness levels or training goals.

Fill it with water for customisable weight training, use it underwater in the pool, or do a mix of both. This is aquatic resistance training like you've never seen before.

What's included:

  • 1 x AQW8 Water-Filled Weight
  • Free shipping Australia wide

The finer details:

  • Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for strength and durability
  • Hollow sphere with flat base for easy transportation and storage
  • Adjustable strap for either hands or feet, depending on the muscle group being worked
  • Indented surface for extra grip
  • Screw-top lid to easily fill and empty water, for a varied workout and suitability for all fitness levels
  • Visible water level gauge

Weigh it up:

    • 350 grams while empty
    • Fillable with up to 5L of water (5kg)